एक लाख साल पहले - An Overview

– Curtailment of cash energy in elections (a strong breeding source of black dollars and corruption)

Kya mein postman me khilaaf purchaser courtroom me scenario karne sakti hoon, agar phir se mera letter galat deal with me gaya air khula hua aaya toh. Mujhe depth chahiye mere ko janna hai , supervisor me alaawa kaun hai Jo meri madad karega. Sir kya is situation me mere ko paper sign karna chahiye ya nahi.

सरकारी निर्धारित दर से कई गुना अधिक राशि वसुली जा रहे है . आप इनं केन्द्रो पर कारवाई करे

At earlier all the car records should be to be mentioned down in sign-up like a record and just after currently being upgradiation in the procedure the data is now to be upload on server rather than noting down in sign-up Sir, You simply say to whom I should really go now for assistance And that i am been fatigued to operate many times of the concern.

To the Promises Tribunal in the nearby boundaries of whose jurisdiction the claimant resides or carries on small business or

I feel, that the exercise is not that an uncomplicated job to flush out above 60-extended -calendar year “sedimented filth” at a person go. “Rome isn't built in one day” It’s a perennial exercising which must be authorized to function in future…..

He and FM frequented late JJ at her home right after conviction by trial court docket. Normally all Indian politicians corrupt and nobody is angel as on date.

प्रखंड विकास पदाधिकारी और प्रमुख से स्पष्टीकरण मांग कर दोशी पदधारको पर उचित कार्रवाई करनी चाहिए, लेकिन जनसंवाद केंद्र के पदाधिकारीयो द्वारा दोशी पदधारको को बचाया जा रहा है ।

Today when I am viewing most Element of the river front is overcrowded by the same Muslim and various Group men and women.In the course of evening they take pleasure in freeze air with family and friends and obtaining late night talks.

4) The new notes are certainly slender evaluating outdated notes, i.e., its life is quite a lot less (Greatest 10 years) whether or not the notes are retained in locker there is no use. So maintaining of huge notes is not great concept for black Entrepreneurs.

Were people had been imagining improve will include out paying the cost get real I assume folks never ever क्या हमारे देवता व पूर्वज एलियंस थे phantom in this could come like tsunami.

Reply Arvind November 13, 2017 at 1:56 am I think that This is often initial round in battle from black revenue , The federal government wasn't successful and it unsuccessful , but now the govt has learnt the strategies utilized by men and women to convert there black into white. These are getting measures in blocking the shell organization, partnership organization and tax accesses are now been questioned to read more link there Aadhar quantity to there enterprise ahead of filing returns, Gst submitting also involves aadhar card figures. The next move is definitely the linking of aadhar card to checking account, along with the real-estate holding into the aadhar amount then i believe the 2nd round of demonetization will begin .

For this concern I have frequented to D.T.O Business office at dhanbad, the officer predicted me that your auto papers had been despatched to NIC and when I talked to the madam of NIC then she predicts me that you meet up with back again check here for the D.

4=wine store khul Jane ke undesirable sarabio ka adda ban jane ke karan Ladies ke ana jana muskil ho gaya hai .

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